Sunday, July 29, 2012

Artwork ... 'Randall at the Tower'

'Randall at the Tower'

I will freely admit, I hate this painting. The perspective is way off, which is what I get for not drawing out at least a basic diagram in the first place. Then there's the fact the subject matter is far too expansive and complicated for the small, 11 X 14, canvass I was using.

If you can't tell, that white blob is supposed to be the back of a white cloak. The figure in the cloak is facing a door to a building. The detail needed, or at least the detail I wanted, should have involved a much larger canvas, one that would have allowed to add the detail I wanted. Such was not possible here.

But, I'm still learning and picking up things after years of not painting. I can chalk this one up to another lesson learned. I might revisit the subject matter one of these days with a larger canvas. Maybe.

The title and the image are of my Randall Tendbones character, a healer in my fantasy chronicles. Randall plies his trade, so to speak (technically he works for free), at one of two towers within the city of Bond. The healing tower where Randall works is actually not truly a tower, though the large building is round. I was trying to show a night image of Randall approaching one of the side entrances to the tower. I think I failed miserably.

However, I do kind of like what I did with all the bricks and stones in the wall, the slight texturing effect.

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