Sunday, July 01, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 59 -- The Last Confession

by Ethan Jones

Started: July 1
Finished: July 1

Notes: This author has shown evidence of being a solid action/thriller writer, so I was drawn to this tale of a mobster giving his last confession to a priest.

Mini review: I can't say I was disappointed. Not a lot of action in this, but more of a story of intrigue. This one could almost be a horror tale. And I also have to admit to being caught off guard by the ending here, which I feel is a rarity for me.


Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, it's an unusual book that surprises me at the end.

Lyn Perry said...

Looks like you are reading a lot of self-published books this year? What's your motivation in all this reading? To help you be a better writer? I know you mentioned you want to read in different genres, do you have a strategy for the year or read a book as it hits you? Just wondering. ;)

Ty Johnston said...

Lyn, I'm trying more self-published books for a variety of reasons. To find some new, good authors. To educate myself, as with all my reading. To pick up fresh ideas. And, not most important but it doesn't hurt, many self-pubbed works are cheap or free!

I do actually have a strategy for my yearly readings, but it's more of a broad thing instead of something pinpointed. This year I'm trying to mostly stay away from fantasy fiction because I was feeling a little burnt out from it, and I'm trying out more indie authors.

Lyn Perry said...

Very cool. I may want to call you some time and chat live about writing full time, writing schedule, income potential, etc. I'm starting to think about what it would look like...