Monday, July 02, 2012

Martin Gibbs not your run-of-the-mill fantasy author

1.) What draws you to read and write fantasy literature?

I enjoy an occasional escape from reality. As such, I really only enjoy worlds that are distinctly separate from ours, where magic is possible. My first exposure was way back with some great Forgotten Realms books and a few D&D sessions with friends. It was a pleasure to disconnect from everything and go fight wizards, orcs, and other nasties in wonderfully imagined worlds.

That said, I never understood why so many fantasy worlds were still in the middle ages technologically. With all that advanced magic, why could they not have at least invented matches? I poke fun at that in my own middle-aged world because fantasy should also be able to keep itself in perspective and have the ability to laugh at itself. A warlock can erase a man from existence, but has no indoor plumbing.

2.) Which of your books was the most fun to write, and why?

For fantasy: Part II of A Drunkard's Journey, Dead Spaces. I am going through the editing process now with the editor, so it will be out in summer. The book was a chance to open the floodgates of disaster and chaos and just let things run wild — things could go along at quite a rapid clip. I have the third and final book drafted, but for some reason the last book is always the hardest.

I am working on a historical fiction piece under a pseudonym, about the Three Kings, and that has actually been my favorite. It's like writing a fantasy quest, but with characters everyone knows (at least they think they do). I really enjoyed reading the ancient histories and coming up with possible scenarios for their journey. This will come out by Christmas.

3.) What are some of your favorite books?

Fantasy: Wheel of Time (first five and last "three"), the first Nightrunner books by Lynn Flewelling, Robin Hobb's Assassin's Apprentice.

4.) A time traveler snags you up and drops you in the middle of a battle 500 years ago. He offers you your choice of weapons. Sword, battle ax or M-16?

Since he didn't offer any bullets, and they will run out, I'm going with a battle ax. I have no skill, but some upper body strength — maybe I could survive a good ten minutes before I got cut down.

5.) You also write some noir crime fiction. Who are your favorite authors in that genre?

Ellery Queen, SS Van Dine.

6.) What's your favorite brand of peanut butter?

Peanut butter is of the devil and it must be destroyed. Unless it's served with udon noodles, Sriracha chili sauce and cilantro. Brand doesn't matter at that point.

7.) What's your favorite word?


8.) If you could have any other name than the one you currently have, what would it be?

Ehud Gershom. Actually using that name for a book coming out this Christmas!

9.) Is it true you are hiding under government protection? If so, why? Spill it!

Absolutely not. But, perhaps... no, that happened just that one night on Bourbon Street. A chimpanzee named Solomon was smoking, absently twirling a rubix cube in his hand. He asked me if I'd want to know some juicy secrets, and being the open, naive, and completely degenerate creep that I am, I said yes. He had only opened his mouth to speak when a black helicopter swooped down and he was gone. Something hit my head and I woke up in a mental hospital, chained to a pink wall, my toes gripping flaming crayons.

So, the answer is no. Maybe. Yes. Absolutely not. Yes. Always.

I'm, sorry, what was the question?

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