Thursday, August 23, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 68 -- Dirty Harry

by Phillip Rock

Started: August 22
Finished: August 23

Notes: Sometimes you just want to read something for is nostalgia factor, which is the case here. As many likely know, this book is a novelization of a movie, one of my favorites. I just hope the novel is at least half as good as the film.

Mini review: The writing was better than I expected for an older novelization, though I still wouldn't say it was great writing, though not bad. It keeps with the movie for the most part, with only some minor changes here and there, which makes me curious as to whether the writer was working with a slightly earlier version of the script or if things were changed while actually shooting. The biggest changes I noticed were some of the dialogue, but even that was mostly in line with the film. If you can't guess, yeah, I know this movie pretty well.

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