Thursday, August 23, 2012

Five Tales from the Rusty Scabbard

Finally, in one collection are the handful of short stories I've written based in my fantasy world of Ursia.

Here you will find:

Deep in the Land of the Ice and Snow: A young barbarian named Belgad goes on a quest to have his future told, but does he really want to know what fate has in store for him?

Road of the Sword: In a moment everything changes, and young Lerebus Shieldbreaker must leave his past behind him to tread into his future.

Six Swords, One Skeleton and a Sewer: A discovery takes six city guards below the streets of Bond into a maze of madness and mirth.

Blade and Flame: No one escapes the Prisonlands, but some exiles are making the attempt. Border wardens Kuthius Taller, Darkbow, Fist, and others are on the trail of the potential escapees, but these prisoners are not operating without some hefty magical aid.

Kron Darkbow: He lurks within shadows, he hunts those who deserve his wrath, but sometimes Kron Darkbow shows a touch of a soft side. But not often.

Now available for the Kindle, and soon available for other e-reading devices.

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