Thursday, June 13, 2013

Short story available in print

My short story Six Swords, One Skeleton and a Sewer is now available in print for $3.99. Being only 46 pages, I would offer it for a cheaper price if I could, but $3.99 is as low a price I can go and still make any profit whatsoever, something like 25 cents per copy.

I'd like to add that, though this short story has been available for some while, it is actually an introductory tale to my next Ursian Chronicles trilogy, The Streets of Bond Trilogy. And to tell it like it is, my novel Ghosts of the Asylum is actually the first novel in that trilogy while my novel Demon Chains is the second of the trilogy. The third novel will be titled The Company of Seven.

So why am I just now making it known these are part of a trilogy? For a few reasons. First, the third book hasn't even been started yet, though I hope to finish it and make it available this year after I work through some other writing commitments. I didn't want readers to start thinking I'm George R.R. Martin, taking years to write the next book in a series, so ... well, I've been hesitant to make such an announcement. Also, the truth is the short story and the two novels stand on their own as individual stories, and do not have to be read as part of a series or trilogy. That was intentional. The novels in my earlier trilogies have been dependent upon one another for the reader to have the whole tale, but this time I wanted to take a different route. I guess I didn't have to tie in all these tales as a trilogy, but there are certain elements among them that are related.

And then, of course, there is my wider, larger Ursian Chronicles, of which these tales are just a small part. Believe it or not, I do have long term goals for the Ursian Chronicles. My world of Ursia is more than just a backdrop to stories I want to tell. In the end, the Chronicles will be a series of trilogies, short stories, serial fiction and the rare novella or novelette. As of right now, I have no plans for individual novels within the Ursian Chronicles, but that might change as I experiment with different ways to tell a story (or a portion of a larger story, in this case).


Charles Gramlich said...

Was this released as an ebook? I've got a couple of your tie in stories for the kindle. Not sure about this one. Will have to check my list.

Ty Johnston said...

Charles, yes, it was. Been available for a while.