Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Books read in 2015: No. 10 -- Night of Wolves: Book I of The Paladins

by David Dalglish

Started: Feb. 25
Finished: March 3

Notes: This author was the first big indie fantasy star to rise a few years back, though since I believe he's gone on to some traditional publishing. I've read a little of his work and have been meaning to read more, so here goes.

Mini review: A pair of paladins from opposing faiths find they must work together to protect a village from an invasion of wolf creatures. I found this one a little slow for the first half, but then the story heated up quite nicely. The relationship between the two paladins is interesting, sometimes tense, and it goes off in directions I could not have guessed. This is a relatively small tale, happening within a matter of days or weeks, mostly within one locale, but the broader world definitely has an impact. This was a pretty good tale, worth the time of anyone looking for a little adventure.