Sunday, March 01, 2015

Update on my mad, mad, mad e-book sales experience

For both people who follow my blog, you will likely recall that at the end of December I released a 6-novel fantasy collection in e-book format and put it up for sale for only 99 cents. Crazy, right? Well, I blogged about this at the end of January, and my sales had actually been quite strong, all while not losing sales of my other books and e-books.

My thinking at the end of January was that sales of the collection would soon dwindle and I would up the price. However, I decided to leave it at 99 cents a little longer just to see what would happen.

Well, the sales kept right on going, and the e-book is still selling at 99 cents.

Admittedly, sales of the collection were a little lower in February than January, but February is also a shorter month by three days. In January I sold more than 2,600 copies, but in February I still managed to sell about 2,000. And sales of my other e-books continued to remain at their typical pace, perhaps a few of them even selling slightly better than normal.

What does this tell me?

Hell if I know.

But for now I'll stick with my original plan. For the time being the collection will remain at 99 cents, though when (and if) I see sales starting to drop drastically, I'll probably raise the price and see what happens.

Also, as in January, this e-book collection did not sell well outside of Amazon, and I still did not do any promotions of any kind. Unlike at Amazon, at other sites I've changed the pricing a few times, but that doesn't seemed to have helped or hurt.


Charles Gramlich said...

Something is sure working.

Keith West said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad sales are still good. Hopefully they'll stay that way for a while.