Friday, May 20, 2016

Books read in 2016: No. 15 -- The Swordsman's Quick Guide, Book 5: How to Teach a Basic Class

by Guy Windsor

Started: May 18
Finished: May 20

Notes: Yes, it's another book by modern swordsman Guy Windsor. This one pulled me in because I've considered starting a small sword fighting group near where I live because it gets old having to drive an hour or more to training sessions. I'll admit I'm not qualified to teach such a class ... for one thing I'm not that good a swordsman ... but it might be interesting and fun to get together with some other amateurs. Maybe this book will offer some ideas.

Mini review: Yes, I definitely gained a few ideas from this about teaching a swording class. The information is somewhat general in that it could be used for just about any martial art, but Windsor keeps most of the focus upon the longsword, rapier or dagger. He talks about creating a syllabus, dealing with different types of students (from beginners to trouble makers, etc.), and he goes over basics of safety and his own approach to teaching. Glad I read this one.

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