Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Books read in 2016: No. 16 -- Fiddlers

by Ed McBain

Started: May 20
Finished: May 24

Notes: In desperate need of some fiction, especially something fun, I turn to an old favorite, Ed McBain and his 87the Precinct. Unfortunately, this was the last of these novels. At least I've got plenty more of them to read.

Mini review: For more reasons than one, it's too bad this was the last 87th Precinct novel. The book's main story ties up well, but there were a few personal threads pertaining to individual detectives which likely would have continued into a next novel. As for this book's stories, I have to mark this as one of my favorite 87th Precinct books, easy in the top 5. Five murders, none of them seemingly related other than the same Glock is used for each of them. The 87th crew has to fish through the facts, rumors and outright lies to eventually learn the truth. One of the best from McBain.

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