Monday, June 13, 2016

Books read in 2016: No. 22 -- Marvels

by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross

Started: June 12
Finished: June 13

Notes: 20 years or older now, this graphic novel (originally a four-part limited comic books series) has been one of my favorites. With some of the best artwork to ever grace the illustrated story format, it also includes a fantastic tale of nostalgia covering the early days of Marvel super heroes from the point of view of an aging photojournalist. I've been meaning to read this one again for some time, and now I'm glad to do so.

Mini review: Yes, this is still some of the best artwork to grace comics pages. Art alone isn't enough for me, however, as I want a quality story, too, and that also is to be found here. The first issue takes place in the late 1930s when the photojournalist sees his first super being, the original Human Torch, and the rest of the stories take place in what I can only assume are the 1960s and the 1970s because of the styles and the events that occur, events surrounding Marvel heroes from comic books that came out in the 1960s and 1970s. There are tons upon tons of easter eggs here, just about in every frame that includes more than a close-up or a single person, and these can be fun to look for, though I doubt I'd ever catch many of them. Really, this is mainly a trip down nostalgia lane for long-time Marvel fans, and it introduces to younger fans some of the early events and feelings concerning Marvel heroes and villains. Comics have changed a lot since then, maybe for the better but maybe not, but it's also nice to look back from time to time.

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