Monday, January 22, 2018

Books read in 2018: No. 4 -- Deryni Rising

by Katherine Kurtz

Started: Jan. 19
Finished: Jan. 22

Notes: This is yet another fantasy author whom I've not had the pleasure to experience, so I thought I'd check out the first book in her Deryni series, of which I've heard a lot over the years, almost always good.

Mini review: A pretty strong read. After the murder of his kingly father, a young prince finds he must avoid courtly, magical and even religious threats before he can gain the crown for himself. There are shades of A Game of Thrones here, though obviously decades before A Game of Thrones, but without all the sex and incest, being a fairly tame novel but worth reading.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I read this one, enjoyed it at some level, but perhaps it was just too tame. Although I have several of the sequels I've never read more than the first one.