Monday, February 27, 2023

Beer of the Week: Tommyknocker Pick Axe Pale Ale

Beer score: 4.7

Company: Tommyknocker Brewery
ABV: 6.2
IBU: 55

Fairly strong with a bit of a nutty flavor and a touch of sourness more common with India Pale Ales.

Goes down wet and smooth.

Though not a really great beer, it's not bad, and is probably a little too complicated for non-connoisseur. Still, worth trying out if you get a chance.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Beer of the Week: Wychwood Brewery Hobgoblin Gold

Beer score: 7.1

Company: Wychwood Brewery
ABV: 4.2

Pours a nice golden color while giving a fairly foamy head.

The smell is grainy with a touch of fruity, maybe some subtle citrus hints.

In taste there are more hints of that citrus, along with some sour. Pretty bitter for me. The bitterness was strong but mostly was gone by the time I swallowed.

A touch too harsh for folks who aren't beer tasters, but not a bad brew at all.

Monday, February 13, 2023

Beer of the Week: Rolling Rock Extra Pale

Beer score: 6.0

Company: Anheuser-Busch
ABV: 4.4
IBU: 5

Long brewed by the Latrobe Brewing Company, this one was bought out a few years ago by Anheuser-Busch.

This beer is very wet and a good thirst quencher. Pours a light golden color. It has a frothy taste that stays with you. This isn't a real exciting beer, but it is very agreeable.

Normally I wouldn't say this is a drink for a beer snob, but the taste is so smooth it just has to be tried.

Monday, February 06, 2023

Beer of the Week Blast from the Past: Liberty Brewing Company Beers

Years ago the Liberty Brewing Company, a brewpub out of Akron, Ohio, produced some damn fine beers. As happens all too often, they eventually went out of the business, with the staff moving on to other brewing ventures.

Still, as I often do during a week in which I don't try a new beer, here are a few old notes I made about a brewing company that's no longer with us.

Liberty Brewing Company White Lace Wheat
Beer score: 5.2
Nice head. Fairly weak, even for a hefe-weiss. Non-beer tasters would probably like this, while real snobs can enjoy it for drinking.

Liberty Brewing Company Paul Bunyan
Beer score: 6.5
A little sugary and a little fizzy. A little strength here, too. Everything about this beer is little (except the mug it came in). Still, not a bad brew over all.

Liberty Brewing Company Sir Winston
Beer score: 6.5
This English pale ale tastes more like a medium lager than a pale ale, but it's still worth drinking. A good, strong bitterness as you swallow.

Liberty Brewing Company Mad Cow Milk Stout
Beer score: 7.1
A little weak for a stout, but not bad. Has a decent, burnt quality. Smooth.

Liberty Brewing Company Dragonslayer
Beer score: 5.2
Pretty wet and non-sweet for a Scottish ale, which isn't necessarily bad. Kind of tastes like a weak lager, but very drinkable.

Liberty Brewing Company Around the Horn
Beer score: 6.2
Tastes like a fairly weak India Pale Ale, but doesn't have the grapefruit-like sourness often associated with I.P.A.s. One thing I've noticed about the beers from this brewpub is they don't necessarily taste like what they're supposed to taste like; often, many of the brews tasted like a lager of one strength or another.