About this blog

What is this blog all about?

It's an online home for Ty Johnston, author of the epic fantasy series "The Kobalos Trilogy" and numerous short stories and other publications. Most of Ty's fiction writing experience is in the fantasy and horror genres, but he also has strong interests in literary writing and criticism.

What will you find here?

Lots of things. Ty often has some ramblings about writing, tips for beginning writers, brief reviews of books he is reading, interviews, random thoughts, really whatever comes to mind, thing that are of interest to Ty, including swords, historical firearms, beer, etc. This blog also allows Ty to keep up with other writer and editor friends by linking to their sites and taking part in comments they might leave here.

Why not join in?

If you have interests in fiction writing or any of the other subject Ty writes about, drop in and leave some comments. While your at it, why not link to this site from your own blog or website?