Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm still around

Okay, I know I've not been blogging much lately. I've also not been hanging out at my usual online haunts lately.

Here's why: My PC has died on me.

My Mac still works fine (I use it for most of my writing), but it's old and I can only get dial-up on it, which suuuuuuuucks. So, I can get on the Web at home, but it's so slow it's hardly worth fooling with. What little posting I've done of late has been at my part-time newspaper job, and most of the security measures there and some older technology limit what I can do.

So, I haven't forgotten anyone. I'm not dead or anything.

As for my writing ... I'm still editing the third book of the trilogy. I'm also working on updating a few old short stories. And I'm working on a few book reviews for a spec fiction magazine (more on that at a future point ... like when my first review is published/posted so I won't look like a complete fool if this falls through for some reason).

Love to all my homies.
Darkbow, out!


cyn said...

aww, that sucks!!

Howard von Darkmoor said...

So . . . you're saying I looked like a complete fool earlier this year when Clash of Steel Magazine fell through, huh?

I see how it is.

Ty said...

HvD, a fool?
Naw. Never. Didn't cross my mind.

-- snicker, snicker --

Actually, this book reviewing gig came about by accident. A sci-fi/horror mag in my town was looking for an online editor, so I contacted the editor to see if I could offer my skills. He had decided against adding an online editor, but asked if I'd be interested in doing some reviews. Since this magazine has published the likes of Neil Gaiman, Joe Konrath and others, I jumped at the chance. It might not help getting stories published, but it will help get my name out there some and should be fun. I've already submitted one review, and am waiting to find out if the editor liked it.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

Cool, Ty - sounds like it would be a good fit. I hope it falls into place for you.

And I'm glad you're not dead. ;)