Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No. 2 - American on Purpose

by Craig Ferguson

Started: January 13
Finished: January 14

Notes: It's a damn shame it takes a Scotsman to make me proud to be an American. And I can honestly say that about the television host of The Late, Late Show, he makes me proud to be an American. In fact, Craig Ferguson is one of the few public personalities in this country who makes me feel that way. All while making me laugh out loud. And he's my favorite late-night TV host. Too bad I don't watch him more often than I do. This non-fiction book is an autobiography of sorts, Ferguson telling of his troubled past and what led him to want to become an American citizen.

Mini review: Quite the easy, breezy read, and funny. Not constantly funny, because there are some sad parts, but enough chuckles to keep you going. It was also nice to discover that the author didn't dwell upon those sadder parts of his life to the point of tedium or tears. He talks about those things, alcoholism and drug use and sometimes infidelity, quite plainly and with obvious sorrow for his parts in all that, but without getting overly maudlin. I appreciated that. Also, Ferguson's early days reveal an interesting world in the Glasgow, Scotland, of 30 and 40 years ago. As for the aspects of American pride in this tale of truth, its Ferguson's rough past that helps goad him to become an American citizen. What other country offers a second chance at life? At sometimes a third and fourth and fifth chance. It seems Craig finally got it right with his life, and I'm glad to see it.

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David J. West said...

Cool, I like him and watch him too but not too often because it infringes on my prime writing time.