Friday, September 08, 2006

Other Kron-related stories

I've been working on my current trilogy for a little more than a year and a half now. I started in March of 2005. Sometimes it feels like I'll never get done, but then I remind myself of how far I've come. I'm guessing that it will take me at least one more year to get all three novels to what I consider "completely" finished. But then, I'm not totally finished with the first book, though I'm further along with it than the other two.

Now to the reason for this post: While working on the trilogy, I've come up with what seems like a hundred other ideas for novels and trilogies that would be based in the world of Kron Darkbow (the continent is called Ursia, but I imagine other continents not yet discovered or not related to my stories).
Without giving away too much of any plots, here are some of my ideas:
1.) A Belgad the Liar trilogy. This would be a prequel, relating much of Belgad's life story up until he meets Kron Darkbow. Belgad's life neatly breaks down into three main times, so a trilogy sounds more likely than a novel.
2.) A Kron follow-up trilogy. I'm picturing a street war of mostly criminals in the city of Bond. Lots of thieves. Lots of assassins. Lots of Kron getting to kill people. I've got so many ideas for Kron, it would take a trilogy to use most of them.
3.)A prequel about the last war, 60 years before the timeline I'm using for my current trilogy. For those who don't know: There was a major rebellion, and the nation of Ursia (yes, the same name as the continent) split into an East and West. Something like a cold war has been going on ever since. Lots of people got killed. Why was there a war? Because the church said magic was evil. A handful of really powerful mages had a problem with that.
4.) I've also got a few ideas for new characters and different places on the continent. Most of these would have next to nothing to do with Kron, and would likely have a more narrow scope than Kron's stories.
5.) Kron's teen years, when he was being raised by his uncle. I'm thinking this would be a novel, not a trilogy.


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