Thursday, October 05, 2006

Latest update

I've not written here much lately because I've been busy with a few things. Work has been hectic, I'm in the middle of a job hunt and have had some interviews, and I've been busy writing.

The update: Work sucks. The job hunt has its ups and downs, but it's been quite frustrating (mostly because I'm running into barriers by trying to switch careers, not merely jobs -- I'm running into lots of companies that are "interested," but not quite willing to make the jump).

As for the writing, I'm at about 50,000 words into the third book of my trilogy. I've also done a first draft on a rewrite of the final chapter of the first book, and I'm giving that some breathing space before I get back to it to clean it up.

Still waiting to hear about several shorts stories. Also waiting to hear from one book publisher and an agent, but I've about given up on the agent after contacting him twice and giving him TONS of time to respond. Guess he's just not interested.

Back to the keyboard ...

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