Saturday, March 01, 2008

John Dee lives!

My very first John Dee short story, "Beneath a Persian Sun," has been accepted for publication in the Carnivah House anthology, "The Infinity Swords."

I'm very proud of this for two reasons.

First, I know the Carnivah House folks and it makes me glad I could supply them with fiction they can enjoy. And that they find it good enough to pass along to their readers.

Second, and I say this with modesty, I honestly believe "Beneath a Persian Sun" is the best story I've written in years. Maybe as long as 10 years. Yeah, that long. That's not saying I haven't written anything else I've liked, just that this particular story really stood out for me.

So ... yippee for me!
Yippee for Carnivah House!
And yippee for John Dee!

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Rogue Blades Entertainment said...

well, what with all that cacophony you probably didn't hear my cheer for you, so here it is again:

Yippee(ki-aye) for Ty!