Saturday, May 31, 2008

One-handed battle axe

This is not a bad melee weapon, thought it's never been a favorite. The main problem I've had with it is that it feels too light in my hands. It could deliver a decent blow or two, I'm sure, but I don't quite trust it for combat. However, I do think it would make an excellent parrying weapon for the off hand (that's left hand, for me). It's just light enough to be able to knock aside blows from one's opponent, and then you could bring it back for more blocking or a decent slash. Because of it's lightness, I don't feel this would be a strong weapon for attacking an armored figure, but it could do good slashing damage against leather or unarmored opponents. The spike on the back of the blade is supposed to be for punching holes in plate armor, but again, there's just not enough heft to this weapon to make it feel safe in such pursuits.

Still, this axe is easily swingable and would make a decent secondary weapon. Has a fairly decent reach for a light axe at 27 and a half inches. Unfortunately, the handle on this thing is wrapped in pretty slick leather, which makes it a bit too smooth for the hands.

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