Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This is a fun gun to shoot! Set this 9mm submachine gun on full auto and let 'er rip as those bullets just barrel out going brrrrppppp!!!

I've never owned a Sten, but I have had opportunity to fire two them mutliple times. This fine piece of craftsmanship was first used by the British in World War II, and best known for being carried by British paratroopers. I'm sure a number of these landed at D-Day.

Despite the awesomeness of this weapon, it has a decidedly archaic feel to it. The gun has a nice heft, but it's not too heavy, filling your hands just right. But it's all metal, no plastic or wood, which gives it that archaicness. It's sort of hard to describe. Holding a Sten isn't like holding a firearm. It's almost like holding a simple tool of some sorts, a claw hammer for example, that you suddenly discover fires off 9mm rounds. Sounds goofy, I know, but again, the Sten (at least to me) has a uniqueness about it that sets it apart from any other firearm I've ever blazed away with.

Also, another nice thing is that because this weapon is just 9mm, there is next to no kick. The range isn't great, but that's to be expected from a submachine gun. This thing was built for close-up work. On semi-auto I could hit well out to about 50 yards, and even fairly well out to 75 yards. At full auto, though, I couldn't hit crap beyond 10 yards. Not because of any kick, but because it was just so much fun to spray those bullets all over the place.

The Sten is an excellent combat weapon for short ranges. Its relatively underpowered 9mm bullets make it somewhat weak compared to today's military weaponry, but it would still be a threat in urban combat situations.

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