Friday, October 31, 2008

No. 34 - From a Buick 8

by Stephen King

Started: October 31
Finished: November 7

Notes: Barely in time for Halloween, I decided to turn to some horror. This is one of the few I have not read from the master.

Mini review: One of the best of King's I've read in some while. This is another novel where you won't get all the answers to the mystery, but if you've read King's Dark Tower series, you can probably guess at the truth behind the veil here as this seems to be yet another of his novels with vague links to the DT series. It was nice that this novel was the last first-draft of any novel King finished before his accident back in 1999, and ... well, I hate to say this because of how it sounds ... but I believe King's work has suffered some since then. But still, even his more modern works are good, they just don't seem quite as good as his earlier material. But maybe it's just me reading too much into.

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