Monday, July 13, 2009

City of Rogues available for Kindle

My epic fantasy novel, City of Rogues, is now available on the Kindle from Amazon for $2.99.

Product description

Kron Darkbow seeks vengeance, and he plans to have it no matter the costs. Returning to the city of his birth after 15 years, he hunts down the wizard responsible for the deaths of those he loved only to find out another was responsible for the murders. That other is Belgad the Liar, a former barbarian chieftan who is now boss of the city's underworld.

Following his path for blood, Kron comes across the magical healer, Randall Tendbones, and accidentally reveals Randall's darkest secret to the world. It's a secret about the past, a secret that has kept Randall on the run for three years. Now it has caught up with him, and Belgad the Liar is suddenly the least of Randall and Kron's concerns. The gaze of Lord Verkain, king of of the dark northern land of Kobalos, has fallen upon Kron and Randall. And it is a gaze filled with madness.

City of Rogues is a dark action/adventure epic fantasy novel in the tradition of David Gemmell and Glenn Cook. It is Book I of the Kobalos Trilogy.

Purchase a copy for your Kindle here.


cindy said...

what? is this THE trilogy? i don't haz a kindle!!!!!!!! *cries*

Ty said...

Hey cyn,
And YEP! This is the first book of THE trilogy. After a couple of close calls with a couple of publishers and one with an agent, but nothing that came of anything, I decided to publish on my own for the Kindle. It wasn't so much that I'd become impatient as I felt I'd moved on to other projects and wanted to get the trilogy behind me, so to speak.

And for some reason, I see you as a Kindle person. I think you'd love one.