Saturday, August 22, 2009

No. 39 - Don Pendleton's The Executioner #357: Extreme Justice

by Mike Newton

Started: August 22
Finished: August 30

Notes: The Executioner series of men's action/adventure novels has been around for 40 years, originally penned by Don Pendleton. Pendleton passed away a while back, but the series has continued, written by a multitude of writers. I read a ton of these short novels as a teen, and from time to time I go through a spell where I delve back into them again. The series' overall plot concerns one Mack Bolan, a former U.S. soldier who fought in Vietnam. Mack returns home to find out his family has been killed because of the mafia, and he decides to go to war against the mob. After years of that, Mack turned his attentions to fighting terrorism and other evils throughout the world. This particular novel has Mack looking for a prosecution's witness in a trial against the mob in hopes of bringing the witness to trial before the mafia can kill the guy. I'm reading this one for fun, but also for a little research; I find the Executioner novels usually show how to write action scenes really well.

Mini review: The action started well and ended very strong, but the middle was pretty slow. It was nice to get back to reading some Mack Bolan again. I'll have to do it soon.

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