Sunday, September 20, 2009

No. 44 - Darkness Weaves

by Karl Edward Wagner

Started: September 20
Finished: September 23

Notes: I'm in the mood for some Sword and Sorcery, so this book by the noted horror/fantasy author Karl Edward Wagner is a natural. This is the first novel of his I've read, though I've been familiar with his short stories for years.

Mini review: Fantastic! Awesome! Not perfect by any many, but the best Sword and Sorcery novel I've read in a long while. The biggest problem was the editing job was just atrocious, but the writing was fun and dark in that 70s slightly unbelivable and comic-bookish sword and sorcery kind of way. I liked this novel even better than Wagner's short stories, so I'll have to search out some more.


Rogue Blades Entertainment said...

Cool! Been really wanting to read KEW's works, so this is very good to hear!

Paul R. McNamee said...

If you actually read the edition with the cover you posted, then yes, it was horribly butchered in the edit. Somewhere in David Drake's commentaries I read about that.

If you get a later WB/Baen edition (did Baen do 'Darkness Weaves'? I know they did 'Dark Crusade' and 'Bloodstone') I believe corrections and restorations were made.