Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 44 -- Dastardly Bastard

by Edward Lorn

Started: May 14
Finished: May 19

Notes: This author has drawn my attention for a bunch of reasons. One, he will appear on this blog June 18 as one of my interviewed authors. Two, he is an author working with Red Adept Publishing, which I've had my eye on for some time. Three, he has received excellent reviews, more than a few comparing him to Stephen King. And finally four, he's got a damn interesting sounding book. Yeah, that last one is the most important, but the others are nice factors. I like discovering writers for the first time, and here's another shot.

Mini review: Stephen King? Not quite. Sort of Stephen King lite. And I mean that in no disparaging manner whatsoever, because King can ramble on for way too long sometimes. This author does not do so. The plot and characters are somewhat King-like, but the prose and style reminded me more of late author Richard Laymon. Readers who enjoy a fast pace and stories that allow you to get to know the characters will enjoy this tale. Some of the characters might not seem very likable early on in the tale, but ... well, wait until you get to know them. Horror fans, there is talent here. Edward Lorn will be worth paying attention to.


EdwardLorn said...


I'm floored. I appreciate the review, mini or not. Laymon was a major influence on me, so the comparison is well received.

Thank you,


Ty said...

Any time, Edward. Now get back to writing some of that "lite" fiction! :-)

MichelleR. said...

Yeah, Edward -- get back to writing! :)

(Thanks, Ty!)

EdwardLorn said...

I'm going, I'm going. Sheesh!