Sunday, August 24, 2014

Books read in 2014: No. 35 -- The Black God's War

by Moses Siregar III

Started: August 19
Finished: August 24

Notes: A few years back I read the original novella which is part of this longer novel, and I've been meaning to get to the longer piece for some while now. As I'm trying to read more fantasy of late, specifically epic fantasy, I thought it time I got busy reading this one, especially as I recall being impressed with the novella.

Mini review: The first half of this novel was somewhat slow for me, but you have to keep in mind I had already read much of that material before, so perhaps that was why I felt that way. It was also somewhat difficult for a while to keep track of the many characters here, in no small part because a number of the characters share similar backgrounds, sort of. Let me put it this way ... there are two sides to a war, and on each side there are characters who fill somewhat similar roles to those on the other side, making it a little jarring at first to keep track of each figure. But by the halfway point of this novel, everything came together quite well, the characters were more individualized, and the plot sped up nicely. In the end there's a scene almost reminiscent of Hamlet, or The Wild Bunch, or Reservoir Dogs. Catch my drift? Without me giving too much away? Anyway, the second half of the novel I liked quite a lot, and the ending I loved, though it didn't tie everything up in a perfect little ribbon for the reader ... which is actually something I appreciate.


Adventuresfantastic said...

Funny you should review this one today. I was thinking about it and wondering if the sequel was out.

A quick check of Amazon revealed that, alas, it's not. Only a novella that acts as a preview. I'll have to wait for the book.

Ty said...

Keith, that's a good move, waiting. I think having read the earlier novella hurt my reading experience somewhat for the full novel on this one.

Charles Gramlich said...

I remember this one registering with me when it first came out but had completely forgotten about it.