Thursday, October 23, 2014

Books read in 2014: No. 54 -- The Cage

by Brian Keene

Started: Oct. 23
Finished: Oct. 23

Notes: This author rose to some prominence within the horror community on the wave of zombie popularization about a decade ago, a wave which still continues though Keene has also worked on other material, such as this collection of four short stories. The lead story is "The Cage," and it's about a workplace shooting (and then some, apparently). I've read a little of his work and have been meaning to get back to him, so with Halloween approaching, now seemed a good time.

Mini review: Overall, these are fairly strong stories. The best is the first, "The Cage," in no small part because it shifts gears at one point, switching from more realistic horror to ... something else, though I won't say what. Some might not like that sudden change, but I found it somewhat refreshing though not completely unexpected after an early hint in the tale. On the downside, and this is just me, most of these tales were more realistic in tone than I'm currently wanting to read, but that's not the author's fault and I knew this was a possibility going on. So, no foul there, just my current frame of mind at work.

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Charles Gramlich said...

You'd think with my interest in horror I would have read his work but I actually haven't. Don't even own any. I'll have to rememedy that at some point.