Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Books read in 2014: No. 56 -- The Way of Shadows

by Brent Weeks

Started: Oct. 29
Finished: Nov. 5

Notes: This author has been popular in fantasy circles for a while now, having lead the charge in popularity of assassins and what some have termed "cloak guy" characters, though that might have more to do with cover art than the actual writing. This is my first time to read any of his novels, so I'm looking forward to it. As can be expected, the focus is upon fantasy assassins.

Mini review: Wow. This was simply awesome, some great fantasy writing. If you like darker epic and heroic fantasy, do yourself a favor and read this book. But don't get too attached to many of the characters. Hint, hint. The only downside here for me was I felt the last fourth of the book got a bit muddled as there was so much happening at once with a number of different characters, but still, not a moment was I bored or wanting to turn away. There's some politics here, but nowhere near the level of a George R.R. Martin, and the story isn't as philosophical as those of an author like Steven Erikson; if anything, this novel kind of reminded me of what a modern-day Thieves' World could be. Now, go read this.


Charles Gramlich said...

Everything you said here resonated with me. Gonna give it a try.

Ty said...

I think you'll be pleased, Charles.