Saturday, January 24, 2015

Books read in 2015: No. 6 -- Arctic Wargame

by Ethan Jones

Started: Jan. 20
Finished: Jan. 24

Notes: I interviewed this author on my blog a few years ago, and I read a short by him, but since then I've been meaning to read a longer work. In this, the first of his Justin Hall novels, the Canadian secret agent tackles some foreign weapons cached away in the Arctic.

Mini review: After a booming start, I felt this one slowed down for quite a long while, but then it kicked in with a massive, action-filled wind down that leaves the reader feeling pretty satisfied. Some of the plot seems fairly unbelievable, but that's not all that uncommon for thriller novels, and at least there were justifications made. I might have to check out this writer again.


Charles Gramlich said...

Hard to find a thriller that doesn't twist into unbelievable land on occasion. I don't let that bother me much. I enjoy the genre

Ty said...

That's how I try to approach the genre.