Sunday, June 12, 2016

Books read in 2016: No. 21 -- Plague Zone

by David Wellington

Started: June 7
Finished: June 12

Notes: About 15 or so years ago, this author was one of a handful who kicked off the zombie craze. Since then he has gone on to other monsters and other stories, but a few years back he penned another zombie tale, this one, so I thought I'd check him out again as it had been a while.

Mini review: A librarian watches on TV as his wife and child are killed by a zombie, then he decides to seek revenge by entering Seattle, an area that has been closed off by the military due to the zombie infestation there, and to hunt down and kill the one zombie out of thousands, maybe millions. It's not a bad plot, but the characters didn't do much for me, often seeming quite unbelievable in their actions and responses. However, I kept thinking while I was reading this that it could make a decent movie, just that it would take good acting to pull it through. Not bad, not great. This author has done better, and this wasn't awful, so I'll likely give him another shot at some point.

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