Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Beer of the Week: Birra Moretti

Beer score: 4.3

Company: Birra Moretti

ABV: 4.6

The Moretti family of Italy brewed and owned this beer until 1989 when it was sold to some corporate interests and later was sold to Heineken. And it kind of tastes like it.

Don't get me wrong. This is not an awful beer. When you pour it into a glass, it's got a faint yellow color to it. Going down it has a pale, mass-produced flavor to it. It's quite smooth with a nice head, but it has that all-too-familiar weak, made-for-Americans taste to it.

Might be okay on a hot day, and I know personally it goes fairly well with pasta.

But there's nothing special here. Truly, while not a bad beer, it's also not an overly good one, and it more or less tastes like a hundred other premium beers on the market. Those who don't know any better might think this beer is special because it's from Italy, but they would be wrong.

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