Monday, November 04, 2019

Beer of the Week Blast from the Past: Katahdin beers

The Katahdin brewery of Maine has had an interesting history. For one thing, it no longer exists. The brewery was bought out by the Casco Bay Brewing Company. But then Casco was bought out by the Shipyard Brewing Company. Yet the Katahdin beers live on, at least every once in a while. The folks at Shipyard must have a love for the Katahdin beers, because every now and then they will brew a batch, especially of the Katahdin Red Ale, which is apparently a regional favorite in Maine. Anyway, it's been a good long while since I've had a chance to try any of the Katahdin brews, and the last time I did they were still brewed under the Katahdin brewery folks, so I don't think it would be fair to compare today's Katahdin beers with those of a decade or more back especially as I've not yet had a chance to try the current Katahdin beers.

Okay, did any of that make sense to you? I'll make it more simple. Katahdin beers were good a long while back, but as those beers aren't currently available to me, I thought I'd post some old but brief reviews I did of Katahdin beers from about 10 years ago.

Katahdin Red Ale
Beer score: 7.1

A little stronger than a pale ale, but had that sort of texture, color and feel to it. This is what most of those premium "red" beers try to be. Gets stronger as it goes down.

Katahdin Stout
Beer score: 8.1

Stouts should be served fairly warm because it increases the taste and the pleasure. This stout is no different. This drink is reminiscent of Guinness Extra Stout, for those who would like a comparison. A very sturdy drink with the right amount of bitter and heaviness and strength for a stout.

Katahdin Pale Ale
Beer score: 7.8

According to the bottle, katahdin is a Native-American word for "great mountain." This brew is a strong pale ale and it is wet and bitter. Pretty smooth but not for beginners. A great all-around taste. Good with a meal or for just drinking.

Katahdin Golden Beer
Beer score: 6.4

A pale ale-type beer with a little bitterness and a slight hint of sourness in the aftertaste. Goes down smooth. I've heard this beer was made like a pilsener, but its taste and color were more like that of a pale ale. There was a map on the bottom of this six-pack’s cardboard carrier showing how to get to the brewery of the Casco Bay Brewing Company, once the makers of this decent brew. In fact, lots of beer companies are adding interesting stuff to the bottom of their carriers, so keep a look out.

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