Monday, September 13, 2021

Beer of the Week: Sierra Nevada Wanderland Nectarine Ale

Beer score: 4.0

Company: Sierra Nevada

ABV: 7.5
IBU: 25

Has a light golden color in the glass. Smells like fruit, especially a peach-like fruit.

Tastes like bitter nectarines with more than a touch of that bitterness. Not a lot of sweetness here, though there's plenty of fruitiness.

This is a decent beer in quality, but I'm not sure who it is made for. Beer fans likely aren't going to enjoy this. And non-beer fans aren't likely to love this one, either. So, that leads me to think this is just a novelty drink that won't be around long though it'll probably sell some to those who just like to try something different. Like myself. This one is so bitter that I can't even imagine fans of nectarines wanting to drink this on a regular basis.

And no, I wouldn't purchase this again.

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