Friday, May 27, 2022

Books read in 2022: No. 15 -- On Not Being Able to Paint

by Joanna Field

Started: May 16
Finished: May 27

Notes: Until I ran across this book in a used book store, it had never occurred to me that artists could suffer something similar to writer's block. That peaked my interest, and being an occasional painter myself, I thought I'd look into this. Also, this book is apparently a serious look into the psychology of artist.

Mini review: This one wasn't quite what I was expecting. It's basically a professional psychoanalyst discussing the ideas behind her creative experiments, mostly drawing and painting. I found the information here too much like navel gazing for my own interests, but it did give me some things to think about. From my perspective, it did not help that the author is a Freudian, which I find mostly immature drivel. I suppose this book could prove helpful to beginning artists in that it would help them to think about their own work.

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