Monday, January 23, 2023

Beer of the Week: Double Diamond

Beer score: 6.2

Company: Carlsberg
ABV: 2.8

This is a very hard-to-find beer nowadays. It's not been available in bottle or can in nearly 20 years, but it does still exist on tap in a very few places. Fortunately for me, not only did I get to drink it in the bottle back in the '90s, but a friend recently offered me some from a keg.

When you pour it into a glass, it forms a huge, foamy head. The beer itself is kind of a golden citrus color in the glass. The smell is slightly sweet, perhaps with hints of ruit.

On the tongue it has a little kick and a fair amount of carbonation. The taste is sweet with a hint of hops bitterness along with some citrus and caramel qualities.

A nice, clean beer but nothing extraordinary. That doesn't mean it's a bad beer ... not at all. I'd drink another.

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