Friday, June 06, 2008

War hammer

This is a fine weapon, one of my favorites. At only 22 inches in length, it might seem a bit short, but the weight of this weapon along with its great quality makes it a deadly element. Using this war hammer combined with the use of my battle axe in the off hand makes for a strong pairing of weapons, especially for someone skilled and trained at two-weapon fighting.

Truly, this is one of the finest weapons I've had the pleasure to own. Any medievel foot soldier would have been glad to have this in battle.


cindy said...

my wood elf druid loves blunt weapons. ;*) happy weekend, ty! and happy belated to your sweet lily!

Ty said...

Wood elf druid, huh? Sounds like a D&D reference to me. Or does your first novel's protag just happen to be a wood elf druid?

Which reminds me, I once role-played an Asian half-elf war priest. But he had a preference for big, sharp toys.

cindy said...

ty, it's my everquest character. back in the day when i had the time. =) i do love the mmorpg! can't back into that again, time suckage.