Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why would anyone link here?

Every once in a while, while using Sitemeter to look in on who is checking out this blog, I discover other bloggers and/or writers have linked to this blog.

Nope, I'm not going to mention names. Don't want to embarrass anyone or look as if I'm pointing fingers.

Because most of the time these are people I've never met, don't know, haven't even had an online conversation with.

I just find this kind of funny in an unusual way.

Sure, plenty of writers and editors I know (some to a good extent, some to a lesser) have put up a link to here. That I get.

But I don't quite understand why others, folks I don't know, will link here.

Yeah, this is basically a writing blog, but I post all kinds of other junk, too. What's going on in my life. Lists and lists and lists of books I've read. List of weapons I've used. Some music. Mini book reviews.

I guess I find it interesting that anyone would link here, especially someone I don't know. Maybe in all this slush I'm spewing forth there is a little bit others find entertaining and/or believe worthy of their attention.

So ... press on, good writers! Press on!


cindy said...

i think that's great--and the beauty of the www. a good blog and folk linking and reading is a great tool for self-promotion! =D

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't link here... but I still drop by. I like the weapons, actually, and I'm always on the look-out for writing blogs. :)

Ty said...

Oh my gosh! Cindy, you still read my blog? I figured you were too busy having lunches with J.K. Rowling and after-dinner drinks with Anne Rice to pay attention to little ole me.

elizaw, thanks for the comments about the weapons. I'm glad someone appreciates my compulsive need to list things. And I always hope to educate other writers a little bit, even if it's just my opinion about stuff.

cindy said...

*kicks ty in the shin*


Ty said...

cyn, I was just joking, honestly. :-)

cindy said...

i know.

my kick wasn't tho. haha! =p