Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Books read in 2018: No. 28 -- More Than A Carpenter

by Josh McDowell

Started: May 13
Finished: May 15

Notes: I've read some of this Christian apologists work before and found it interesting, so I thought I'd give another books of his a try, this one apparently being more personal to his life.

Mini review: There wasn't anything revelatory here for me, but that doesn't mean there wasn't anything here that would be useful to believers and possibly to non-believers alike. Other than the final chapter (which was the personal part of McDowell's message), this book is a basic primer for Christian apologists, culling ideas and quotes not only from the Bible, but from the likes of C.S. Lewis and many others. Those who are interested in Christian apologetics could find this a useful book to provide them some basics without having to go into deeper material.


Charles Gramlich said...

Read some of this stuff a few years back as I was working on a book but it didn't seem to go anywhere for me.

Ty said...

I get you. Christian apologetics in general have some issues by their very nature. One of the reasons I tend to prefer C.S. Lewis over a lot of the more modern apologeticists is that he mostly stuck with philosophical points, not that he was always right (imo) or that his opinions were so solid as to be beyond attack, whereas a number of his modern equals tend to focus more on supposed scientific, historical, or archaeological evidence ... again, not to say they're necessarily wrong, but they're often like a baseball team trying to win the Super Bowl.