Thursday, May 17, 2018

Books read in 2018: No. 29 -- It's Not About Me

by Max Lucado

Started: May 15
Finished: May 17

Notes: I've been meaning to check out this Christian author for a while, so when I stumbled across this book of his in a Free Little Library, I thought it time to give him a shot.

Mini review: Basically, life is not about you, it's about God, and all things we do should glorify God. This is pretty basic Christianity, especially for Protestants, specifically for evangelicals. If that's what you're interested in studying, or if you're a Christian who feels you need a spiritual boost, then this book might be for you. As for me, I didn't find much new here other than a few comments about some texts in their original Hebrew, but the writing style wasn't too bad, a little long winded to say a fairly simple message, but not too bad.


Charles Gramlich said...

Unfortunately, one of my problems with Christianity back in the days I considered myself Christian was that too many believers made "god" all about them. There wasn't much of a search of god. They thought they already had him captured and knew exactly what he wanted. Not all, of course. I have many good Christian friends, and family members. But some of the ones in charge, and who were far too influential for anyone's good.

Ty said...

That is unfortunately too often the case. Those who think they know everything rush to speak the loudest, while those with a more humble attitude often remain silent and are pushed to the background. I simply try to keep in mind that while bad Christians (or those claiming to be Christians) might reflect upon Christ and Christianity, they are not accurate reflections. Easier said than done, though.