Monday, January 09, 2012

100 Web sites for fiction writers

Just to make things easier (and because I've been asked several times now), I thought I'd provide a complete list of my recent series about websites for fiction writers. Below are links to my posts about each site and some minor observations about the sites. If this is your first time here, links to the actual sites themselves can be found within my individual postings.
  1. Dean Wesley Smith: Learn about the craft and business of fiction writing from an experienced pro.
  2. Kindle Direct Publishing: Upload your e-books to start your career as a writer.
  3. Nathan Bransford, author: A former literary agent turned novelist offers regular news on the publishing world.
  4. Looking to sell a story? Start your search for publishers here.
  5. Scrivener's Error: A great site for beginning your search into legal matters concerning writing.
  6. Lightning Source: Want your own books printed in a flash? If so, you might want to work with this company.
  7. Absolute Write: There's a little bit of everything here for every kind of writer.
  8. Publetariat: If you are considering becoming a self-published author, this is the site to get you started.
  9. A Newbies' Guide to Publishing: Author J.A. Konrath's blog pulls no punches as it examines his journey as an author and informs writers of what to expect along their own journey.
  10. Duotrope Digest: One of the best sites to look at when considering selling your stories, poetry or novels.
  11. Red Adept Reviews: Want your books or e-books reviews? Ask Red Adept.
  12. Kindle Nation Daily: Find out what's new and what's free in e-books for the Kindle. And writers can do a little advertising here to spread the word about their own e-books.
  13. Smashwords: Here's the place to upload your e-books and have them distributed to a wide range of retail sites.
  14. Publisher's Weekly: More than 100 years old, this magazine keeps readers and writers and everyone else in the book business informed of all the book news. Plus there are plenty of book reviews.
  15. Holly Lisle: This author's site is one of the most extensive on the Web concerning information beginning fiction writers need to know.
  16. Triond: Yes, it's a content farm, but it's one of the few content farms that allows fiction. Those just starting out writing fiction can start at a place like Triond to to build their confidence and possibly an audience.
  17. This is the official site for science fiction and fantasy publisher Tor Books. Mainly a site for readers, writers can also learn a lot here.
  18. The Passive Voice: If you are about to sign a book contract, you should probably check out this site first. Then hire an IP attorney.
  19. Writers FM: Yes, it's an online radio station for writers! Give it a listen.
  20. PubIt!: If you want to publish your own books for the Barnes & Noble Nook e-reading device, this is the place to go.
  21. Here's the site for finding out all about indie authors and indie books.
  22. Kristine Kathryn Rusch: If there is any one author's website you need to check out regularly, this is the one. Here you'll learn how to be a business-savvy writer, as well as picking up a few tips on improving your craft. There's even some excellent short fiction for free.
  23. Writer Beware: If you are a writer worried about getting screwed over, this is the group that will let you know about scams and such.
  24. KindleBoards: Mainly a forum for readers and those who love the Kindle, plenty of authors hang out here.
  25. National Novel Writing Month: Challenge yourself to writing a novel in a single month. What month is that? November.
  26. CreateSpace: If you want to see your books in print, one of the popular self-publishing sites is this one, working with the folks at
  27. Apex Publications: Fans of dark science fiction can find plenty here to read, but there's also much for writers to learn on this site.
  28. Eugie Foster: This prolific writer offers other writers plenty of reasons to visit her website, including lists upon lists of markets.
  29. Anthologies Online: Interested in selling your short fiction to anthologies? If so, look no further than this website. Here you can find all kinds of information about upcoming anthologies and what kinds of fiction each is seeking.
  30. Rogue Blades Entertainment: Fans of heroic fiction, especially fantasy, can find plenty to enjoy at this site, but so can writers.
  31. Writer's Digest: Since 1920 this magazine has been providing writers with interviews, market listings and tons of other information.
  32. Kindle Author: Want to keep up with the new and hot indie digital authors and their e-books? If so, this is the website for you.
  33. XinXii: Proclaiming itself the "leading online marketplace for all kind of written works," this site is another venue for digital authors to sell their material, with a focus on the European market.
  34. Preditors & Editors: This is likely the No. 1 watchdog site on the Web for writers. But this site does much more than warn writers off of potential scams and such. It also provides so much information about writing that it could fill several books.
  35. AgentQuery: If you are looking for a literary agent or agency, this is the site to begin your search.
  36. Scribophile: Writers often depend upon critique groups to help flesh out their work, but sometimes a writer has a hard time finding such a group. Well, your troubles are over. Scribophile offers critique groups, forums and more.
  37. Publishing Perspectives: Keeping up with the international markets and publishers is the name of the game at this website.
  38. Trigger Street Labs: Feedback and possible exposure are the names of the games at this site, along with a chance to have your work seen by some real professionals.
  39. Scribd: Think of this site as another e-book upload site, but not exactly. Instead of e-books, Scribd uses its own technology to allow users to read documents online and one smart phones.
  40. Writers' Conferences & Centers: It's not always easy to find a writing conference in your region, but this site makes searching for such quite simple.
  41. How to Publish a Book: Sometimes beginning writers don't know how to go about getting a book published, and this site covers the basics.
  42. Book Marketing Buzz: Writers often have a difficult time promoting their works, but this site can provide advice and articles to get you going in the right direction.
  43. The Prompt Writer: Sometimes you just don't know about what to write. The Prompt Writer can give you tons of ideas, and it can help come up with ways to brainstorm.
  44. Query Shark: Sooner or later fiction writers all have to write query letters, which most dread. But the Query Shark site offers plenty of information about how to improve your query letters.
  45. David Gaughran: Let's Get Digital: This isn't just another writer's blog, but a serious blog that gets in depth about indie publishing/self publishing. Worth watching.
  46. Fiction After 50: A blog for older novelists looking to forge ahead.
  47. The Book Designer: Too often writers don't think about design, which is a mistake. Good design can help draw potential customers and readers.
  48. Fictionwise: Run by the folks at Barnes & Noble, this is one more site where indie authors can sell their digital works.
  49. United States Copyright Office: Any writer in the U.S. interested in learning about protecting their works needs to check out this site.
  50. OneLook Dictionary Search: This search engine for dictionaries pours through more than 1,000 online dictionaries in at least six different languages to find your word.
  51. Critique Circle: If you are having a difficult time finding readers to critique your own, you probably want to give this site a try.
  52. The Writer's Guide to E-Publishing: Looking for a one-stop shop to find answers to all your questions about e-publishing? This just might be the place.
  53. AuthorsDen: AuthorsDen is an online community where writers and readers can come together to communicate and share with one another.
  54. GoodReads: This is a social network, much like Twitter or Facebook, except its focus is upon reading and books. Here writers can promote their work and reach out to readers.
  55. Aaron Shepard's Publishing Page: Most authors don't have the time to provide their personal knowledge to other writers and readers, but Aaron Shepard has taken the time.
  56. Shelfari: Make your own virtual bookshelf, do a little promotional work, talk to readers and fans, all at Shelfari.
  57. Backspace: More than just a networking site, Backspace offers plenty of chances to pick the minds of professionals in the publishing business.
  58. Step-by-Step Self-Publishing: The list of book reviewers alone makes this site worth following.
  59. Kickstarter: A unique website that helps artists find investors, such artists including writers.
  60. Nookboards: Writers, don't ignore the Nook or its readers as a possible market. Keep up with all things Nook at this site.
  61. Authopublisher: This self-publishing blog stands out as a little different from most others, offering fresh ideas for writing and marketing.
  62. The Independent Author Network: Become a member and reach out to your peers, other writers, while also promoting your books and e-books.
  63. Writers Write: There is so much information for writers to be found at this site, it's difficult to know where to begin. Let's just say there's a bunch of information here worth your time.
  64. LibraryThingBooks, books and more books! Keep up with books. Read what others say about books. Create your own list of books. Write about your favorite books. Did I mention this site has a lot about books?
  65. The Savvy Book Marketer: Yes, there is material for sale here, but there's also tons upon tons of articles offering free advice about promoting books and e-books. Check it out!
  66. Textnovel: Ever think of writing a novel on a cell phone? And letting others read it on a cell phone? Textnovel can show you the way. And you might win $1,000.
  67. Guerrilla Wordfare: Author Lizzy Ford's site offers tons of tips for independent writers searching for ways to navigate the world of online promotions.
  68. The Writer Magazine: Published since 1887, this is the oldest magazine about writing still being published.
  69. If you are a fiction writer, you want to learn from the pros, right? Then check out the website of New York Times Bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole.
  70. Publish Your Own Ebooks: This one site gathers together all kinds of important news and informational articles for self-publishing e-book authors.
  71. authonomy: This site from publisher HarperCollins is an online community for writers and readers. Writers can get feedback, and there's always the possibility of professional publication.
  72. Operation E-Book Drop: Give back to the troops by offering coupons for free versions of your e-books.
  73. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America: Not just for those who pen fantasy and science fiction tales. This organization's website has all kinds of helpful information.
  74. Poets & Writers: This is more than just a magazine or a nonprofit organization. Poets & Writers is practically a way of life for those of us with a more literary bent.
  75. Kindlegraph: One of the more unique websites out there, this site actually allows authors to provide digital signatures on e-books for readers.
  76. Publishers Lunch: If you're looking for one stop online to find all your book industry publishing news, then this is the site for you.
  77. Evil Editor: Check your ego at the door and prepare for some hilarity. This blog can be brutal, but it can also be educational.
  78. Inkygirl: Learn all about writing for young people and illustrating from an experienced pro.
  79. Book-in-a-week: If you need an extra push to make you a more productive writer, then this might just be the website for you.
  80. Author Tech Tips: Don't be afraid of new technology. As a writer, you can learn the basics through this site.
  81. Self-Publishing Review: This one site contains all the tips, news and other information a self-publishing writer could want, including forums for meeting one's peers and making friends.
  82. Ever want to ask an editor a question? Here's your chance. Just check out the site and send your question.
  83. Scribblerati: It's an online social network just for fiction writers. All genres are accepted. Sign up for a membership.
  84. Bookfessions: Just a fun little site to read others' private confessions about books they've read. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, you have to see it to believe it.
  85. Storybook: More software than a website, Storybook helps fiction writers outline their work, keeping track of scenes, characters, and more.
  86. Write 1 Sub 1: Think you have what it takes to write one story for each week of the year? You'll never know unless you join this site and try.
  87. Bad Agent Sydney T. Cat: Since anyone can be a literary agent, a cat decided to take the job. You read that correctly. And Sydney's site offers plenty of important information concerning literary agents.
  88. Fifteen Minutes of Fiction: Take part in some projects that could help you find time to write each day.
  89. YATopia: Eight Young Adult literature writers come together to share their knowledge and experiences.
  90. ePublish a Book: This is the site where beginning writers and self publishers need to start. Plenty of information and help is available here.
  91. Grammar Bytes!: Think you know the basics of English grammar? Test yourself and find out. You might discover you need to brush up on a few things.
  92. Writing Forward: This site offers a little bit of everything and covers a lot of ground. It's especially helpful for beginners who need help with the basics of creative writing and poetry.
  93. Writer Unboxed: I think of this site as sort of like Huffington Post for writers, but without all the politics.
  94. Where to begin? This site offers so much to writers, you'll just have to spend a few days (yes, days!) looking it over to find everything it can do for you.
  95. Funds for Writers: Yes, it is possible to make money as a writer, and this site can send you in the right direction. Or is that write direction?
  96. Novel Spaces: Discover writers and books with which you are possibly unfamiliar, and learn about other genres and styles of writing.
  97. Write It Forward: Want advice from an old pro at the writing game? Look no further than Write It Forward, the blog of NYT bestselling writer Bob Mayer.
  98. Online Etymology Dictionary: Need to know the history of a word? Look it up here. Especially helpful for historical fiction writers.
  99. Author Larry Brooks is known for teaching at writing workshops, and you might one to consider attending one for advice.
  100. Author Ty Johnston: Yes, my own blog. It has plenty of personal stuff, but also much for budding writers, like this list, for instance.


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